Monday, September 19, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 24, Another What? Part 7

. . . . . . brother.

What a lucky guy, I am to have so many brothers and sisters.  This one lives in the most beautiful house overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  The last brother, yes last brother, is also retired, also a navy man, and a great family man.  Not sure he is really in the same family, or maybe he was lucky to get all the brains?  Must be, I got all the looks.

Anyone that can make a business out of telling other people how to save money must have most of his marbles in the right place.  I have a lot to learn, whoops, I guess I have to get some money first.

Well I guess this is the end of the story.  Eight brothers and sisters and some fantastic children and grand children.  I have not met them all but, I’m working on it.  Not only am I the little brother but I’m the biggest brother.  Then I have four younger brothers and sisters, of which I’m still the biggest.  That makes thirteen.  Some day I’m going to start counting the nieces and nephews.

That was two years ago.  Now let us get back to the 1950's and see how we got here.

To be continued . . . .

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