Monday, September 19, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 24, Another What? Part 7

. . . . . . brother.

What a lucky guy, I am to have so many brothers and sisters.  This one lives in the most beautiful house overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  The last brother, yes last brother, is also retired, also a navy man, and a great family man.  Not sure he is really in the same family, or maybe he was lucky to get all the brains?  Must be, I got all the looks.

Anyone that can make a business out of telling other people how to save money must have most of his marbles in the right place.  I have a lot to learn, whoops, I guess I have to get some money first.

Well I guess this is the end of the story.  Eight brothers and sisters and some fantastic children and grand children.  I have not met them all but, I’m working on it.  Not only am I the little brother but I’m the biggest brother.  Then I have four younger brothers and sisters, of which I’m still the biggest.  That makes thirteen.  Some day I’m going to start counting the nieces and nephews.

That was two years ago.  Now let us get back to the 1950's and see how we got here.

To be continued . . . .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sad Day in Frankfort, Maine

Written by;  Marilyn Wotton Doe
Dot passed away very peacefully in her 98th year at her home on the hill with her family at her side.

Dot was born April 13, 1913, on the Hamm Road family farm in Frankfort, the first child of Walter Ford and Frances Edna (Larrabee) Trundy.

Dot had many accomplishments in her long life. She and her brother Edward were eventually raised by their grandmother, Caroline Hamm Larrabee and later moved to New Jersey to live with their Aunt, Dr.Callie Carver. Auntie had no children of her own, and her niece and nephew were her life, allowing Dot and Ed a very priviledge up bringing. She always took them on great adventures, some of which were historic moments. They witnessed the Hindenburg Airship disaster in Lakehurst and while touring the Ford Edison Estate in Ft. Meyer's Fla, said she attended Thomas Edison's funereal in Orange NJ.

She first married Will Lane, a WWI soldier in the early 1930's and lived in Brooks where she worked with Dr. Jewell as his Midwife.

Dot was a real “Rosie the Riveter”, lining the pipes with Asbestos on war ships during WWII at Bath Iron Works, where she later met and married Harold Wotton.

Dot was the Worthy Matron at the Star of the East #84 during the early to mid 1950’s.

Dot worked in earlier years at EMMC and at Meister’s Nursing Home in Brooks. She did private duty personal care on numerous occasions, and spent many summers caring for her friend, Dorothy Milliken, at Breezy Point in Bayside. Dot was the Librarian at the Waldo Pierce Reading Room in Frankfort until she was 85, at which time she declared herself too old to be working anymore!

Dot resided for the last year and a half at the Country Villa, a delightful retirement home in Bangor. There was always places to go, people to visit and meals to eat. Her family extends their appreciation and gratitude to the owners, staff and residents of the Country Villa for all their kindness, generosity and care.

Dot was the oldest alumni of the Goodwill Hinckley School in Fairfield, and the matriach of the family as we gathered for a large family reunion last year.

Surviving are her daughters, Barbara J. Perkins of Frankfort and Marilyn Doe of Winterport. Granddaughters Callie and husband Fred Grant of Prospect, Tami and husband Michael Young of Patagonia Az, and Rebecca Doe of Lowell Mass. Grandsons, Adam and wife, Michelle of Frankfort and Robert Doe of Winterport. Great-grandchildren Clint, Melanie, Brayden, Kergan, Delaney, Hannah, Brianna and Tyler.

Dot also leaves step-children, Ramon Wotton of Meriden Ct, Clinton Wotton of Kittery, Laura W. Smith of Lake Ronkoncomo NY and Kevin Sigler of Suisun Calif. and many step grandchildren.

She is also survived by two brothers, John and wife, Marion Trundy of Searsport and Fla, and William (Bill) and wife Joan Trundy of Belfast, many special nieces and nephews. Dot leaves very special friends, Frances McFarland, Betty Williams, Ada White and her loving caregiver, Dotty Havey.
She was predeceased by her parents, brother Dr. Edward L. Trundy, Baby Sister Ruthie in 1918, brother Walter Ford Trundy Jr., father of her children, Harold in 1994. Step-children, Harold M. Wotton Jr, (Buster), Donald Wotton and Carroll Wotton .

At her request, she did not want a funereal. She would like to be remembered stamping library books, tending her gardens or meeting friends at yard sales Please consider a contribution in her memory to the Winterport Ambulance Service, PO Box 724 Winterport, 04496.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 23, Another What? Part 6

. . . . brother.

Really, are you kidding me?  Your pulling my leg!  Seriously, another Navy boy, following his big brothers and serving his Country.  But, sad to say, he is no longer with us.  Seventeen years older and I’m sure a lot wiser.  One thing he left behind was an amazing family.

Five kids and twice as many grand kids, he was loved by everybody.  Another great Maineac, part time Connecticut business owner, part time Florida retiree.  He spent 35 years working with his older brother to build a great construction company.

I am not sure what the final count is, but I got to meet most of them.  What a lot of fun, this family knows how to enjoy life.  From the twelve foot blow up big screen to the drinking games, hard to determine who was the life of the party.

If you have been following along for the last six months you will remember all the prayers for Luke.  Well Luke belongs to this group.  Here is a guy who drives his motorcycle to all four corners of the US, then go fights for us in the war, then comes home on leave and darn near gets killed.  Now he is waiting to find out how he is going to serve us some more.  His grand father would be proud.

(Phone dying, writing faster)

I’m beginning to think I dodged a bullet.  Can you imagine four older brothers?  The Lord knew I could never have made it through childhood with all the nuggies and wedgies.  I was lucky to be 3000 miles west.

(I can’t write all this down with no battery and no more paper to write on.)

(Gotta go!)

How about your other . . . . .

Continued . . . . yes really. . . . .

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 22, Another What? Part 5

 . . . . . sister?

Really?  I’m not at liberty to divulge the age however, I just want to say that I respect my elders.  She is vertically challenged but, makes up for it with a big heart. Completely adored by all those brothers she grew up closer to her grandma.  While the boys were goofing off at the wharf, little sister was learning how to take care of a family.

(I’m writing down names and birth dates wondering how long the phone battery is going to last.  iPhone’s are not known for there long battery life.  All I know is I have to get this last date down before it dies on me.)

Retire, no way, they will have to close the office before she quits.  I was told that Long Island was sinking because of all the Government money that went on to the island every week.  The Government contractors may have there own bank on the island because I’m sure they don’t have a vault big enough to hold all the cash. You have to download the list of defense contractors in spreadsheet form because the list is so big.  Although things have changed some.  Sister has to fight the Government contractor traffic to get across town.

I had the honor of meeting big sister last year.  With a bonus, I met her daughter and grand daughter.  When I visit Long Island, I think I better go on the weekend.

(Okay sister, I’m finally hanging up)

Don’t you want to know about your other. . . . .

Continued again, believe it or not.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 21, Another What? Part 4

. . . . . brother

Oh no???  Coming in at only 22 years my senior and I can actually talk to this brother on the phone.  Wow, I could write a book about this brother but, we are going to have to hold this down to a few highlights.  He grew up on the same wharf with his big brother.  And he has spent two years telling me stories about his mentor/grandpa.  Still need to make a trip to the left coast to see for myself although the stories are priceless.

Another Navy man, He got an opportunity to do a Navy Captain a favor and got the favor returned by getting a free pass to engineers school.

(My 3x5 card is full and I don’t have all the grand kids names down yet.  I’m writing as fast as I can and the battery is beeping in my ear.  What’s the son’s birthday?)

He built a house and then another.  He even shared a boat with those big brothers.  He just as soon be on the water or digging clams in Maine but never gets the chance to go any more.  Enjoying the retired life spending lot’s of time getting ready for the weekend flea markets where he sells two things and gives twenty five things away to the kids walking by.  He is very careful spending his money so he can give more to the Children’s hospital.

I never considered having an older brother because I was the older brother in my family.  I wish I would have been such a positive role model.

(Phone beeping. . . I better get going and charge this battery,)

but you have another . . . .

Continued again . . . . . .

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 20, Another What? Part 3

Kevin’s Story, Part 20, Another What? Part 3

. . . . brother

He passed away in 2001,  (DAMN!)

At 23 years older he served our Country in the Navy.  He was married more than once and has four great kids and they have kids.

He had a fishing boat and his son now does the fishin’.  He spent most of his life overlooking the East coast.  As a youngster he spent hours on his grandpa’s wharf.  I have heard a lot of stories about his grand father since and look forward to writing about this great guy.  The life and times of growing up on the Maine coast.  You just can’t make this up.  Unfortunately, I can’t hear about the stories directly from this brother.

Only ten years late.  I guess I will have to just wait to hear the stories from his kids.  I plan on visiting that small part of the Maine coast in the next few years.

Okay, I really have to hang up before this battery dies. . . .

But, I didn’t tell you about your other . . . . .

Continued . . . . .

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 19, Another What #2?


Well I only have one younger brother.  Talk about torment, how did that kid ever make it through childhood.  Well if this new brother is anything like the little brother, I will really be blessed.

He passed away in 1986.  Damn.

He was 25 years older than you, and very successful.  He had a construction company that built roads, housing developments, and anything else he could get his hands into.  I think I should have met him 25 years ago, maybe he could have taught me how to run a successful business.

Yes he was married, lived in Connecticut and has a great family.  There are kids and grandkids, and great grand kids.  “Do you want all there names?”  I’m feeling like I’m coming to the end of this story so I turn over the 3 by 5 paper and start writing on the back.  He had a daughter then a son three years later.  The son passed away though. (very sad face, two family members that I will not get to meet.)  Then he got re-married and had a girl, then another girl, then another girl, then a couple boys.  My paper, poor penmanship, and the holes due to the pencil are very sad.  As I’m writing I''m looking around the truck for the next scrap of paper, because I’m not going to fit all these names.

If you have ever worked on you know how valuable the information, spelling, and dates really are.  I am trying to get everything down.  Still focusing on the construction company part as I’m writing.  My hero, and I never got to shake his hand.

So I get it all down, I'm fixin’ to take a breath, need to say good buy before the battery dies, but before I open my mouth she says;

And you have another . . . . Oh my!  Now I know what my bio-dad’s calling was.

To Be Continued . . . . . . .

Our Third Quiz, Where Are You?

A great entertainer died in 2005 named Julius Russell.  Better known to us young kids as Nipsey Russell.  The generation before us rarely saw black people on TV.  Nipsey Russell just had a way about him, made me smile. Anyway, Nipsey played a New York City Policeman in a great sitcom.  What was the name of the sitcom?  I can't forget the name Francis Muldoon even 50 years later.