Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 21, Another What? Part 4

. . . . . brother

Oh no???  Coming in at only 22 years my senior and I can actually talk to this brother on the phone.  Wow, I could write a book about this brother but, we are going to have to hold this down to a few highlights.  He grew up on the same wharf with his big brother.  And he has spent two years telling me stories about his mentor/grandpa.  Still need to make a trip to the left coast to see for myself although the stories are priceless.

Another Navy man, He got an opportunity to do a Navy Captain a favor and got the favor returned by getting a free pass to engineers school.

(My 3x5 card is full and I don’t have all the grand kids names down yet.  I’m writing as fast as I can and the battery is beeping in my ear.  What’s the son’s birthday?)

He built a house and then another.  He even shared a boat with those big brothers.  He just as soon be on the water or digging clams in Maine but never gets the chance to go any more.  Enjoying the retired life spending lot’s of time getting ready for the weekend flea markets where he sells two things and gives twenty five things away to the kids walking by.  He is very careful spending his money so he can give more to the Children’s hospital.

I never considered having an older brother because I was the older brother in my family.  I wish I would have been such a positive role model.

(Phone beeping. . . I better get going and charge this battery,)

but you have another . . . .

Continued again . . . . . .

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