Friday, June 30, 2017

The Smartest Smart Phone Tool For Travelers

One of the most challenging things to do is find a grave.  The first time I went looking for an ancestor (my sister and  I were stopping at every grave yard in Maine that we passed) I realized there is no way to find a grave.  After you find out your ancestor is buried there, you walk thru the gates and see 1,000 grave markers.  Some very hard to read.  Double check, yes you are in the correct cemetery but how do you find the actual spot?  Findagrave may tell you the grave site location but where is the map that shows you what aisle or row?  The best resource is  They have thousands of volunteers taking pictures of grave markers with their smartphones.  The GPS data is attached to the photo when it is uploaded to billiongraves.  Sooooo...?  You can search for a grave marker by name.  If a picture has been taken it will show you the picture.  Now the good part.  It will show you on a map where the marker is and even better it will show you where you are in the cemetery.  As you walk toward the marker it will show you are getting closer.