Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kevin’s Story, Part 20, Another What? Part 3

Kevin’s Story, Part 20, Another What? Part 3

. . . . brother

He passed away in 2001,  (DAMN!)

At 23 years older he served our Country in the Navy.  He was married more than once and has four great kids and they have kids.

He had a fishing boat and his son now does the fishin’.  He spent most of his life overlooking the East coast.  As a youngster he spent hours on his grandpa’s wharf.  I have heard a lot of stories about his grand father since and look forward to writing about this great guy.  The life and times of growing up on the Maine coast.  You just can’t make this up.  Unfortunately, I can’t hear about the stories directly from this brother.

Only ten years late.  I guess I will have to just wait to hear the stories from his kids.  I plan on visiting that small part of the Maine coast in the next few years.

Okay, I really have to hang up before this battery dies. . . .

But, I didn’t tell you about your other . . . . .

Continued . . . . .

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