Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kevin’s Story, Part 32, Proof, Laundry on the Roof

If you know me, I am sure you have heard the story about the window.  I’ve been telling it for as long as I can remember.  You could go back and read Part 25 for a refresher course.  I was not entirely sure this story was real.  When we see and do things at three years old, they tend to turn into hundred pound fish stories at fifty.  So the farthest back this little rememberer could go was about three.  It seemed very real to me.  In retrospect I believe the reason I remember the story is because I was in trouble.  More than that, I now believe that when I climbed off the bed to look out that window, the reason I remember it so well, is that I probably couldn't get back on the bed.  I imagine that’s when I really got in trouble.

So I now have proof.   As most ancestry geeks do, I started scanning old slides.  Amazing what you find out when you look at really old pictures.  I found these old 35 mm slides and didn't realize what it was until I saw the laundry.  The pictures attached do not show the amazing quality.  Why didn’t he get a picture of my Mom actually hanging the laundry? And now, without further ado, my favorite picture.  I have to make this my screen saver I guess.  Should be on a post card.  A poster for Maine?  Visit Maine and get caught in the snow?

The car was called “The Merc”

Can you see the laundry?  My wife thinks we look like hillbillies when I hang laundry in the back yard.  Where is the clothes line?

The view from inside the house, at three, when you are in trouble, priceless.

Do you think they hang the laundry out on the roof today in 2012?  In 1958 this is how it was done.

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