Monday, January 2, 2012

The Gift

I have not been on vacation.  I decided to walk the walk.  A small break to create a gift for my family.  The typical December 24th trip to the Petrol Station to find three Johnny brushes would have been easier.  This year we pulled out all the stops and made a plan to develop a ancestry history present for my kids.

The plan was to first complete the form that I gave everyone last year called "Upon My Death".  Why didn't anyone tell me how much work that was?  Second, I would fill out the form that I developed two years ago "In The Life Of".  I'm still not done?  Third, I wanted to download and pass on our ancestry family site.  Just in case something were to go wrong.  That was much more complicated than I thought.  Easy to get the GEDCOM file of the 17,000 names and associated stories and pictures.  Then you have to tell them what to do with it if were to fall off the planet.  Forth, all the family photo's, notes, and information that I have collected over the last 3 years.  Fifth, all the family contacts.  Sixth, the family stories.  And last but not least a cover page that explains everything.  Two months of work that will never be finished.  They have everything I could get together.  Now wait 30 years and maybe they will figure out how big a gift it was.

A special thank you to all those that helped us get everything together.  To all the family members that have helped gather the family history, thank you.

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