Monday, April 4, 2011

Kevin's Ancestry Story, Part 1

A long story.

It did take a long time (55 years) for the story to develop.  The story started 55 years ago or, the story started two years ago, in what I call ancestry years.  Ancestry years is how long it took someone to figure out what the real story was.  I’m not going to change the names to protect the innocent or guilty.  Facts are what is important in ancestry talk.  Note: when you are doing your research, try to get the real facts.  If the family members are still with us, get there permission to put the real facts down in a public place.  So the story starts in 1954.  There was this girl.  That’s not correct, start over.  There was this young woman all of 23 years old.  She was a beautiful long auburn haired five foot two and eyes of blue.  Let’s call her Maggie.

Maggie was born appropriately on Christmas day in 1930.  Her Mom died when she was 7 and typically that would mess some people up for life.  Maybe it made her stronger?  That’s what they say in the movies.  She grew up being tormented by three older brothers.  That’s probably what made her stronger.  Just like any normal girl growing up in the thirties in Maine, she lived a hard but awesome life.  In a town of hundreds there was only one school.  On her first day of school she walked into the front door to attend the first grade and walked out the same door on her last day of the twelfth grade.

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