Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Start Today

Family history starts now.  One hundred years from now a descendent is going to want  information about family.  They may not even know your name.  What better gift to give than a few words about your history.  If they were to read it one hundred years from now it would be new again.  Would you like to read a story by your great great grandmother from one hundred years ago?  I would!  The stories are easy to write.

Twenty nine years ago today, I was in the hospital.  The doctor said “Try walking around for a while”.  The next doctor said “Try drinking some cold water”.  What kind of hospital is this?  So I get a glass of ice water, walk to the window, and see a great view from the seventh story window, but my wife still will not go into labor.  Doctors knew what they were talking about because we went from not being able to feel labor pains one minute to a ten on the richter scale the next.  “Hey can we get something for the pain?”.  “NOW?”  Fifty one minutes later she is born and our lives changed forever.  As the tears stream down and roll off my chin I held the most beautiful bundle of little girl for the first time.  Today, as I celebrate her mothers awesome work, I am in awe of what she has become.  Not because of her mother or father, not because of the country that has given her every opportunity, but because of the woman that she is inside.  Happy birthday my little girl!

Family history starts every day.  Keep it alive.  Ask your family members to tell you stories of the old days.  To develop a family tree is a great gift to pass on, the stories are priceless.

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